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SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED (Lloyd Copas / Lois Mann) Cowboy Copas - 1948 Lefty Frizzell - 1958 Hank Thompson - 1958 Ernest Tubb - 1960 Cowboy Copas (re-recording) - 1961 Hank Locklin - 1967 Red Sovine - 1969 Willis Brothers - 1971 Signed, sealed and delivered A package containin' my heart To open, remove the wrapper But please don't tear it apart You tore out this heart when you left me You left me alone and so blue I'm sending it special deliv'ry Please handle with care, it's for you (Instrumental Break) It's all that I have to offer But darlin' you know that it's true Signed, sealed and delivered The postman will bring it to you I thought perhaps you would keep it Just for a while, don't you see Oh darlin', please keep it forever Without you it's no good to me Signed, sealed and delievered A package containin' my heart I send it to you as a token I'm sorry we're so far apart (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2011)


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