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SILENT E (Tom Lehrer) Tom Lehrer Who can turn a can into a cane? Who can turn a pan into a pane? It's not too hard to see, It's Silent E. Who can turn a cub into a cube? Who can turn a tub into a tube? It's elementary For Silent E. He took a pin and turned it into a pine. He took a twin and turned him into twine. Who can turn a cap into a cape? Who can turn a tap into a tape? A little glob becomes a globe instantly, If you just add Silent E. He turned a dam - Allakazam! - into a dame. But my friend Sam...stayed just the same. Who can turn a man into a mane? Who can turn a van into a vane? A little hug becomes huge instantly. Don't add W, don't add X, and don't add Y or Z, Just add Silent E! (Contributed by Aaron Handy III - April 2003)


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