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SILICOSIS (Bob Wilson 1971) Appeared on the Keele Rag Record, Keele U., UK They're Steppin' abite at Fave o'clock, Theer Snappin' in theer hand. Dine by the Stop 'till the speshul comes arind, They works each day a ten har shift, And earns a couple a pind, And live 'til they die o' Silicosis. Me Mother, she's a Dippers Mate, Me Fayther packs the ware. We're areet for chaner as we duuner know nor care. As lung as hays got a fag in his mith, und hafe a pint a beer, He lives till he dies o silicosis. But things are gerrin better na that Clowes is the Lord Mayor, They're openin' up the winders, they're lerrin' the air. They're painting up owd Boslem, It's enough to mek thee stare. And you may not have to die o Silicosis. Repeat First Verse (Contributed by =Ae= - March 2009)


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