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SINCE I KISSED MY BABY GOODBYE From the Columbia Pictures Movie "You'll Never Get Rich" (1941) (Cole Porter) Introduced by the Delta Rhythm Boys; danced by Fred Astaire. Verse Oh, what nights, glory be, When my baby and me Used to ramble lovers' lane From sundown to dawn. Then a voodoo, I guess, Put the jinx on our happiness, And the mockin'bird's refrain Is done dead and gone. Refrain Evenin' creepin' down the mountain, Wakes up Mister Firefly, Bullfrog, settin' there, Starts a-croakin', but I don't care, Since I kissed my baby goodbye. South wind shakes the ole magnolia, Moon-man light the dingy sky, Stars start sprinklin' gold On the river, but still I'm cold Since I kissed my baby goodbye. Since my baby and me Parted company, I can't see what's the diff if I live or I die. Oh Lawd, I'm takin' such a beatin', I'm no good, even cheatin', Since I kissed my baby goodbye. (Contributed by Carlene Bogle - May 2005 Source: "The Complete Lyrics Of Cole Porter", my book)


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