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SINFUL DAVEY Title song from the film "Sinful Davey" (1969) (Music: Ken Thorne / Lyrics: Don Black) Esther Ofarim (Film Soundtrack) - 1969 Sinful Davey, where are you going Seems there's nothing to satisfy you Sinful Davey, what are you up to Can't you find something better to do I hear bad things said about you But I don't pay no mind For I couldn't live without you I know your heart is kind Sinful Davey, cheating and lying No denying the wrong that you do Sinful Davey, fighting and stealing Have a feeling I'll never change you But I love you and I'll take you Any way it must be I won't hurt you, nor forsake you If you sometimes love me Sinful Davey, where are you going (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2015)


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