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SINGING YOU A RAINBOW Marg Osburne CHORUS: If I Could Sing You A Rainbow I'd Leave Out The Rainy Day And With Colors For My Feelin's And Things I Want To Say To You If I Could Make A Blue Sky Out Of The Clouds Of Grey I'd Give You A Golden Sunset And Still All I Can Say Is How Would You Love Me, If I Should Sing You A Rainbow? If I Could Sing You A Rainbow, No Need To Bring You Flowers I Think You'd Understand From The Minutes And The Hours That We Were Together And I'm SINGING YOU A RAINBOW I Could Simply Say I Love You Too, And That Won't Do I Can Take Your Hand And Hope That You Would Understand REPEAT CHORUS Singin' A Rainbow, Watchin' The Rain Go... (Repeat 3X to fade). (Contributed by Garr Norick - April 2007)


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