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SING JOY SPRING (Clifford Brown / Jon Hendricks) The Manhattan Transfer We sing a spring (Sing joy spring) A rare and most mysterious spring (This most occult thing) Is buried deep in the soul (It's story never has been told) The joy spring, the fountain of pleasure Is deep inside you whether you're diggin' it or not Once you're aware of this spring You'll know that it's the greatest Treasure you've got And furthermore The joy spring, the bounteous treasure Cannot be bartered away and never Can be sold Nothing can take it from you It's yours and yours alone to have And to hold And something more: It never is lost to fire or theft It's always around When trouble is gone the pleasure Is left I've always found It's burglar-proof same as the treasure Man lays up in heaven worth a Price no one can measure that says a lot So joy spring this fountain of pleasure That's deep inside you let me inform You in all truth *(to Coda second time) Ponce de Leon sought this When he was searchin' for the fountain of youth Ol' Ponce de Leon laughed so much he Never did find the magic fountain But many people with a well-adjusted Spirit they could hear it when y'told 'em it was there tellin' them was Like tellin' it on the mountain It's quite a life havin' the gift of laughter I'm a man who knows in a minute I can tell y'just exactly how the story goes It involves a firm conviction in another previous life givin' your mind a chance to fly Fly aroun' the universe investigatin' other galaxies n' certain other subtle types o'life tryin' t'dig it gettin' pretty well-acquainted with a lot of other strife an' pretty much acquirin' yourself plenty of education pretty soon here comes earth birth 'n then y'ready t'put it all t'work but soon as you're finished bein' born you start forgettin' what you knew 'Cause you're another kinda you - a reincarnation manifestation of spirit in sensation Y'really got that right The average person isn't bright not so bright that they recall the fatal fall down here t' this earth their minds disguise their death to spirit life and call it birth that's their reason for forgetting and they find it very upsetting when reminded tell 'em they've lived before They'll show y' the nearest open door Gotta have feelin' while dealin' with walkers in their sleep they can't imagine somethin' as deep Here they come - here they come - there they are Unimaginative and ignorant of falling from a star Here they come - there they are - there they go Life is over in a minute an' they never dug it in it or enjoy a minute of it 'cause they put too much above it that was gross somethin' that was worth a couple bucks at mos' So there is the reason that the maker of man included there in his plan A certain fountain deep within' where there was laughter, youth 'n gold for human beings t'have 'n hold 'n share the memory of where we've all been Brothers called Grimm knew chances were slim' Anybody would dig that the human soul was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were seven tempers in man whose digging out the gold completes the plan An Bacon was hip that Shakespeare couldn't read and so he gave him all the rhymes that have lasted through the years and kept eternal truths alive through several centuries That's how we know them now they lasted 'cause they're true What was it from "MacBeth?" "Life's but a walking shadow a player poor that struts and frets upon the stage and's seen no more A tale that truly has an idiotic ring That's full of lotsa sound and fury signifying nothing..." That's right signifying nothing I'll repeat it! Nothing Don't forget it - Nothing And that's the reason for that spring of joy That the Father put inside of every single girl and boy Show time! Everyone's on let's hit the stage It's show time everyone an' proceed to act your age Whatever you're frownin' at is funny enough f'laughin' so you're wastin' all your humor on a frown While you're bringin' your spirit down You gotta book yourself a comic in your act without some laughter life's a maudlin farce 'n that's a fact Once you know about the spring you always can smile It becomes your one expression and you're always wearin' it like the Buddhas do (Repeat Intro to *) (Coda) Ponce de Leon sought this When he was searchin' for the fountain of youth I say in truth he sought a magical thing For he was searchin' for the joy spring (Contributed by - April 2007)


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