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SINNER KISSED AN ANGEL, A Ray Joseph (m) Mack David (l) Frank Sinatra w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch rec Sep 18th 1941 also- Dick Haymes w Harry James & his Orch 41 Bob Eberly w Jimmy Dorsey's Orch Sarah Vaughan Louis Armstrong w Sy Oliver & his Orch Jimmy Miller w The RAF Dance Orch Stars in the sky were dancing, One night perfect for romancing, The night a sinner kissed an angel, He wanted thrills, she wanted love. Oh, but his sighs were tender As he begged her to surrender, The night a sinner kissed an angel, And she believed that it was love. How was she to know that every lovely vow Was part of the game that he was playing? But to his surprise, he realised somehow He meant every word he was saying. Yes, miracles can happen, I know, 'cause I saw one happen; That night a sinner kissed an angel, That was the night I fell in love. (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2008)


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