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SINNER'S DEVOTION (Burt Bacharach / Hilliard) Tammi Terrell (backup scat heard frequently): (Sha da da, sha da de sha) I know it's wrong & yet We'll have our play, a sinner's devotion But if I give in to temptation in the moonlight Let your lips excite me & invite me How long will it be till you're tired of me? Till you want somebody new, & we'll be through because (x2): That's how it must turn out For those who play a sinner's devotion I know you belong to another & you want me Only for the moment, but for the moment The price is too tall; I'd rather listen to your call For a sinner's devotion is no devotion at all No no, not at all, not at all, let me tell you not at all ...& fade


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