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SIR WILLIAM GOWER Album : Angel Delight (1971) (Written by Fairport Convention) Fairport Convention I am a sailor, both stout and strong To a goodly vessel I do belong Well guard and anchored and well equipped Sir William Gower and a very fine ship Our captain in his cabin lay When a dreadful voice to him did say "This night with me in the deep you'll be So prepare yourself and your company" The sky grew dark and the sea grew still Though the men were fearful and the air was chill Sir William rose to meet his men Saying "Hear me now for I'll not speak again" "I loved my mother when she was alive And to my sister I gave babies five I killed my wife and her children three So I now must face what has come for me" "You'll lash a timber close to my side And throw me out on the water wide And if I swim then let me be But if I sink them pray for me" So we tied his head and we tied his feet And around his middle a winding sheet At every knot the sea did stir Grew ready for the murderer And then we saw his open grave The likeness of a single wave That swept our ship from her stern to her bow And bore away Sir William Gower (Contributed by Sören Sjögren - November 2002)


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