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SKIN I'M IN (Larry Blackmon) Cameo - 1987 Who's the face in the mirror That I see sometimes confused By the double-standards of society And maybe I'm wrong about the way I feel But then, will somebody tell me What is really real Now, I respect myself, I respect you too But in the end it's got to be Do unto me as I do to you Now I'm trying to tell you it's time Somewhere and I walk to my design Somewhere in the truth from my life To live like people so inspired As the waters out to sea Let's simply respect humanity One time seem to be We're getting it together, it's for real If we have truth we can't survive And for that our forefathers have died It should be immoral or a sin If it is according to the skin I'm in Skin I'm in Tell me how many times, How many times can I adjust my attitude To reach and touch the sky Is it love or decree by which I live But then sometimes I wonder Just how much a man can give Truth and justice that's around me From the highest levels of power And you think these are the people I depend on for my survival Is this for real Or am I seeing shadows in the dark I let you tell me, tell me Can you tell me brother Peaceful waters out to see And simply respect humanity I'm just trying to be realistic But now I'm becoming pessimistic At least I know we can survive A damn good reason to stay alive Is it immortal or a sin It shouldn't be according to the skin I'm in World.....Love.....People World.....Love.....People It's the waters out to sea Basic respect to humanity I'm just trying to be for real In a world with less appeal At first they seem to fluster At what's happening to justice Is it immoral or a sin If it is according to the skin I'm in Skin I'm in (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - December 2003)


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