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SLEEP, MY BABY, SLEEP Franz Vienna / Edward Pola as rec by Judy Garland w Harry Sosnick & his Orch April 25th 1938 Hollywood also rec by Issy Bonn '46 There's an old love refrain that is known the whole world over, It's sweetness both princes and peasants may claim; Like a bird on the wing or a bee in the clover, No matter the language the song is the same. Go to sleep, my baby go to sleep, While the stars above begin to peep. They're lighting the windows of heaven; Angels watch over you from the windows of heaven. Mother's watching you too, (scat) Sleep, my baby, sleep, >From the windows of heaven, mother's watching you too. (scat) Sleep, my baby, sleep. (Contributed by Peter Akers - November 2010)


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