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SLEEPY EYED JOHN (Tex Atchinson) Johnny Horton - 1960 Well away down yonder on the Candy Creek I wait a lot of fiddles on my wagon seat I tune up the fiddle and I rosin' that bow and I play a little tune wherever I go Sleepy eyed John better get your britches on sleepy eyed John better tie your shoe Sleepy eyed John you better get your bitches on Try to get to heaven fore the devil gets to you ( harmonica ) Well sleepy eyed John he stalked a goose that goose it flapped but couldn't get loose Said John to the goose well you better be still I'm gonna miss my supper and tea if you will Sleepy eyed John... ( banjo ) Well sleepy eyed John he had one wooden leg wadn't nothin' but a little wooden peg With one shoe off and one shoe on He'd do the double shuffle till the cows come home Sleepy eyed John... ( harmonica ) Well over in the hickory and down in the pine The racoon laughs and the hound dog whines And the hound dog whines and the racoon laughs And they cross that river in a minute and a half Sleepy eyed John...


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