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SLEEPY HEAD Walter Donaldson (m) Gus Kahn (l) 1934 The Mills Bros rec 1934 also- Ben Pollack & his Orch '34 Cincent Lopez & his Hotel St Regis Orch '34 Sleepy head, Come on, get out o' bed, Ain't you heard the rooster crow? Must have been a week ago! Good for nothin' sleepy head! Sleepy head, See the sun so bright and red, He's been up and ridin' high But you just let the time go by, Good for nothin' sleepy head! Sleepy head, I'd take away that bed, But you're such a lazy pup You'd be sleepin' standin' up! Good for nothin' sleepy head! Sleepy head, Under-worked and overfed! Gonna sleep the day away, But this is such a sleepy day, I wanna be a sleepy head! Sleepy head, Got to get you out o' bed! You just stand around and shout Until you get me tuckered out, I'm bound to be a sleepy head! Big boy, don't you know today is Sunday? That's no day to lay around and doze! Sunday is a day I sleeps till Monday, That's the way I save my "good to meet in" clothes! Sleepy head, You're gonna be a long time dead! Gabriel's gonna blow his horn, But you won't hear it if it's mornin'! Good for nothin' sleepy head! I heard you! Good for nothin' sleepy head! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2009)


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