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SLEEPY LITTLE FELLA (from "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger") Scotty Beckett Scotty Beckett Sleepy little fella, noddin' in my arms, Couldn't keep your head up if you tried. Take your ship of slumber where nothin' harms, A Ranger boy who's on a starfield ride. Ah, the sky is winkin' and blinkin' a sleepy little lullaby As deeper still we fly In your palatial, extra-spatial outbound dreamer. To the stars tomorrow, Daddy has to fly; The trail we blaze tonight will be my guide. I'll bet the stars will greet me kind of friendly-like And smile 'cause they're rememberin' our little tyke Whose smile could make a noodle of a lightnin' strike The night he made the starfield ride; The night he made the starfield ride. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - May 2009)


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