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SLUEFOOT (Johnny Mercer) (Featured in the film “Daddy Long Legs” sung by The Pied Pipers with Ray Anthony & His Orchestra) As recorded by: Oscar Rabin’s Lyceum Band V. Benny Lee & The Three Oscars (Probably) Recorded July 1955 You want a dance that’s easy to do Then dig the one I’m hippin‘ you to I’m gonna teach you to ball it On what they’re callin’ the Sluefoot You make your right foot point to the north You make your left foot point to the south And then you stroll sorta westerly Slow and sieterly, slue foot. Don’t be an odd-ball, and don’t be a fig Try, why be shy After all it’s even better if your feet’s too big And if you learn to dance it just right It shouldn’t take up half of the night It is the most lackadaisiest I mean the craziest, slue foot. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - August 2013)


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