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SMILIN' THROUGH Inspired by the Broadway play "Smilin' Through" (1919) (Arthur A. Penn) Richard Werrenrath - 1919 Georgia Stark (feat. in the film "Smilin' Through") - 1932 Jeanette MacDonald (Film Soundtrack) - 1941 Vera Lynn (with Jay Wilbur & His Serenaders) - 1941 Richard Tauber - 1941 Webster Booth - 1942 George Morgan - 1961 John Gary - 1964 Cleo Laine & Dudley Moore - 1982 Also recorded by: Nelson Eddy; Judy Garland; Lesley Garrett; Jo Stafford; Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Richard Crooks; Gracie Fields; Wayne Shorter Quartet; Benjamin Luxon; Charles Kullman; John Charles Thomas; Kentucky Minstrels; Arthur Tracey; Robert White; Anthony Kearns; Ginny Simms. There's a little brown road windin' over the hill To a little white cot by the sea There's a little green gate At whose trellis I wait While two eyes o' blue Come smilin' through at me There's a gray lock or two in the brown of the hair There's some silver in mine too, I see But in all the long years When the clouds brought their tears Those two eyes o' blue Kept smilin' through at me And if ever I'm left in this world all alone I shall wait for my call patiently For if Heaven be kind I shall wait there to find Those two eyes o' blue Come smilin' through at me


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