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SMOKY MORNING (George / Allen) as recorded by Carole Carr 1959 Smoky smoky mornin', that's what the tea leaves say, Smoky smoky mornin', looks like a cloudy day, What will I do for lovin' while my man's away? Foggy foggy feelin' hangin' around my room, Foggy foggy feelin', regular king size gloom, What will I do for lovin' if he don't come back soon? The voodoo lady told me, she said, "Don't be a fool! When a fella's lips get warmin', that's the time to play it cool!" My man gave me the come-on, and I played hard to get, So now I sit here puffin' on a lonesome cigarette! Smoky smoky mornin', Lord how a fool must pay, I'll never get no lovin' while my man's away! I'm cryin' in the cellar, I'm cryin' on the roof, And every tear I'm cryin' is at least one hundred proof! Smoky smoky mornin', Lord haw a fool must pay, I'll never get no lovin' while my ever lovin'man's away! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2017)


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