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SNEAKIN' AROUND From : The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Dolly Parton I like fancy, frilly things High heeled shoes and diamond rings Rag time bands and western swingin' Sneakin' around with you Well I like beer and rodeos Detective books and dominos Football games and Cheerios And sneakin' around with you /Chorus:/ Sneakin' around with you Goin' around or two Doin' what lovers do Whenever they're sneakin' around I like lots of cash on hand And dirty jokes about the fuller-brush man I like stuff I understand Like sneakin' around with you You know, I like a thrill that has no strings Friendship that don't ever change And laughter from the joy of things And sneakin' around with you /Repeat Chorus/ I like drive-in picture shows Kissin' long and lovin' slow Secret places lovers go Whenever they're sneakin' around Ooh I like the crazy things we try And the sexy things we fantasise Just makin' out in the broad day light And sneakin' around with you /2nd Chorus:/ Sneakin' around with you Keepin' it all brand new Gettin' the best of you Whenever we're sneakin' around Sneakin' around, that's all I'm gonna lay down the law Watchin' her rise and fall An' lovin' our sneakin' around We're just sneakin' around Aw, we're just sneakin'


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