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SNOW DEER (Percy Wenrich / Jack Mahoney - 1913) Recorded by: Woody Guthrie; Carl Snith; Johnny Maddox; James Alan Shelton; The Stanley Brothers; Speedy West; Bob Wills & His Texas P{layboys: ......... and others. Sweet Snow Deer mine, moon's a-shine through the pines While Mohawks sleep, let us creep through the vale Your cowboy lover, your heart will cover Don't hesitate, it is late, ponies wait For you and me by the trees in the dale Hear tom-toms beating, let's hit the trail My pretty Snow Deer, say you will go, dear >From your side I'll never part Every trail leads to your heart It's time to marry, no time to tarry Let me carry you away from here My sweet Snow Deer The red men come, bullets hum, there'll be some Left on the trail, I can't fail, cling to me We'll crown the story with love and glory Now after all must I fall, hear my call And fly away while we may, can't you see Those ranch lights gleaming, safe there we'll be (Contributed by Mel - August 2007)


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