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SO DO I Paulo Gonzo You say you need somebody in your life So do I, so do I You say you wake up crying every night So do I, so do I To lose somebody you build your world upon Tears you apart with every dawn Now you feel you want to love again So do I so do I You say you find it hard now to pretend So do I, so do I And though you want it being more than friends So do I, so do I Love dont come easy, believe me, I should know I've loved and lost someone before But if you believe in me The way that I believe in you Woman, nothing's gonna stop us Till we make our dreams come true I know that you really wanna try So do I, so do I (Instrumental Break) You may say Im dreaming But should the dreams come true Now that Ive found someone like you You say you've got a feeling, real love So do I, so do I, so do I, so do I So do I (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2005)


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