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SO I LOVE YOU CARROLL COATES SHIRLEY HORN, REBECCA PARIS Verse: It’s not smart to wear your heart Out there on your sleeve, Mine would be worn out I do believe! One bouquet, I’m swept away, Whatever they propose I’m too far gone to see beyond my nose Chorus: So I’ve found you, Where do we go from here? I really don’t care, it’s clear, As long as I’m close to you! So I want you, Maybe I’ll pay some dues, But even if I could choose I’d still have to see it through! I’m the kind, the kind with a one track heart, Once I start, I go on ‘til ev’ry last dream is gone, What can I say… I need you, Live for your smile and touch, But if you can’t give that much I’ve more than enough for two! So I love you! That’s all I was born to do! (Contributed by Martin Hale - February 2015)


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