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SOLOMON From the London Musical "Nymph Errant" (1933) (Cole Porter) Elisabeth Welch - 1933 Solomon, had a thousand wives And bein' mighty good He wanted all o' them To lead contented lives So he bought each mamma A platinum piana, a gold lined kimona And a diamond studded Hispano Solomon, had a thousand wives In spite of all he gave 'em, the wives of Solomon Found their poppa slow So for a jazzin', every wife of Solomon Took on a gigolo And while they pampered, Those high-brow heroes By brunchin' them and lunchin' them and suppin' them at Ciro's Solomon, had no place to go Sol began to miss those baby dolls of his And got his favourite eunich Rastus Brown (Now) when he heard the lowdown on those moles of his He said go out and search the whole darn town Till you've found your massa a thousand knives I'm tired of doing the treatin' For a thousand cheatin' wives Solomon, is gonna cut the whole crop down So, Solomon, summoned his thousand wives Then Solomon, pulled out his thousand knives And he slashed their gizzards and gashed their muzzles Till all that was left o' them was a lot of jigsaw puzzles Then slowly mountin' his royal dais He picked up his microphone and said "All I gotta say is Solomon, no longer has a thousand wives" (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - February 2004)


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