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SOMEBODY’S BEEN LYIN’ (Bert Bacharach (m) / Carole Bayer Sager (l) ) As released my the Carpenters < Made In America > 1981 Somebody's been lyin' Somebody's been callin' me tellin' me he still loves me But not the way I thought it would be He's makin' fun of me and laughin' at my dreams. And I know that he keeps... Sayin' not to worry He's tellin' me to just hold on But he's not here to lean on And words won't warm my bed now he's gone. It isn't easy lettin’ go of what we had And I guess I'm just scared. (bridge) And I still believe him though I'd be wiser to go on my own way. Somebody's been lyin' And I know you're tellin' me only the things you want to I guess I lie as much as you do It seems so funny lettin’ go of yesterday. Guess we're much too afraid And we're much too alone Were we just too much in love. NOTES: This song was released in both album form and as a 45 rpm single (it’s A side was < Want You Back In My Life Again > see elsewhere in this ILP database). The Carpenters were a talented brother/sister singer/songwriting duo hailing from Los Angeles CA USA. As of 2013, they had sold more than 100 million units (source BBC). Their distinctive soft rock sound provided contrast to the loud and raucous sounds of the day. As well as singing, Karen was accomplished at drums and brother Richard at piano. Sadly, the duo's career ended prematurely with the death of Karen Carpenter in 1983. She was 32 years old. < Made In America > was the final album released before Karen’s passing. The Grammy Hall Of Fame recognized the Carpenters as providing music of 'lasting qualitative or history significance' (older than 25 years) by honouring them with their prestigious award. (Transcribed by David Story - January 2014)


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