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SOMEBODY STOLE GABRIEL'S HORN Ned Washington / Edgar Hayes / Irving Mills 1932 as rec by Bing Crosby w The Dorsey Bros Orch March 14th 1933 also rec by- Billy Banks & his Rhythmaires '32 The Mills Blue Rhythm Band '32 Benny Carter (voc) w Spike Jones & his Band '33 Jack Teagarden & his Orch '33 Thomas "Fats" Waller w Jack Teagarden '30's Louis Armstrong Humphrey Lyttelton & his Band Stop this meetin', gather round, Put those horns down on the ground. Quiet down now, shut off them bells! Who's got that horn of Gabriel's? Now Gabriel is mighty sore, 'Cause he cant blow his horn no more! He's gotta have a horn to play, To make us all awaken on Judgement Day! You'll be comin', you'll be goin', You'll be waitin' for that blowin, But you'll all be left on Judgement Day, 'Cause someone stole Gabriel's horn!. You'll be weepin', you'll be gnashin', you'll be fightin' and you'll be clashin', When the Lord steps down in front to say, "Someone stole Gabriel's horn!". Ho-oh-ho, Gabriel took so long to learn it, Ho-oh-ho, won't the finder please reurn it! You'll he hoppin' like a pigeon, You'll be shoutin' sweet religion, But you'll all be left on Judgement Day, Someone stole Gabriel's horn!. Now I can't tell when you all play, I'll have to find some other way; If I heard that horn I'd know the tone, Let's try each one of you alone. Now if Mister Gabe heard that, and I'm sure he did, He's gonna be glad his horn was hid. He's gettin' old and his eyes are dim, So he'll probably hire you to play for him! (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2009)


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