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SOME BOY (Gene Buck / Dave Stamper, 1912) Talk about your lovin' men, You may have met one now and then, I got one, of lovers he's the king, He has won my heart and everything, Calls me honey nunch and sweetie too; He is handsome as can be, He sure is awful good to me, When he's near my heart goes pit-i-pat, And I fear I don't know where I'm at He's the grandest man I ever knew. Takes me out most every night, To cabarets where lights are bright, On the phone he calls me every day, He has shown his love in every way, I feel just like a queen when he's around; We have named the date to wed, I'll not forget the things he said, Bought the ring it came from Tiffany's Everything is ready, got the keys, To the cutest little flat that's in town Take it from me that I'm crazy 'bout my boy, He brings me joy, He is so grand, and got a heart that's full of sympathy, And its beating all the time for me, When he looks into my eyes, I'm hypnotized, He kisses me like the hero in Three Weeks, It burns my cheeks, And when he speaks, 'bout, lovin' baby then I'm gone that's all, For his lovin' ways I'm bound to fall, That man of mine he's cert'nly some boy.


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