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SOME DAY SOON >From the film "The Domino Principle" (1977) (Lyrics: Harry Shannon / Music: Billy Goldenberg) Shirley Eikhard (Film Soundtrack) - 1977 Some day soon a risin' wind Is gonna carry me away To a purpose i can't dream of It will happen some day Soon the promise painted On the inside of my eyes It will show me my direction Cut the whole world down to size Yes, the promise will come true Some day soon Some day soon there'll be a harbour And a haven for my soul No more weight upon my shoulder I'll sail on home Some day soon I'll be releasing All the things I've held inside Heaven knows I have been patient But the time is nearly right I'll be stretchin' for a new Some day soon Tomorrow's comin' nearer It's been tuggin' at my sleeve There's a pattern in the jigsaw If I only just believe I will see the whole thing clearly Some day soon Some day soon I won't be empty And my waiting will be through There'll be something to believe in Where we'll be in love Someday soon I'll have the answer Feel it breathin' in my hand And it can't be too much longer I must try to understand There'll be love to see me through Some day soon (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2015)


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