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SOMEDAY (YOU'LL GO WALKING BY) (Jan Berry / Don Altfeld) Jan & Dean Ooo we ooo, tra la la la la (x3) Someday you'll go walkin' by With another guy-yi yi I'll try not to cry (Ooo we ooo, tra la la la la) You'll be all dressed up in fancy clothes They'll see me but no one knows That I'm cryin' for you We were so happy together Till you went & got tired of me You said you'd love me forever Yeah, but that's past history Someday you'll go walkin' down the aisle You'll give me that same old smile But I'll cry all the while (Ooo we ooo) (instrumental) Ooo we ooo, tra la la la la (x3) (repeat & fade): Someday you'll go walkin' by-yi-yi


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