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SOMEONE'S PINCHED MY WINKLES (Rolf Harris) Rolf Harris - 1962 Now lads, this is an old, old traditional Cockney folk song that I've just written. And the basic rhythm goes like this, "Ooh-wah-a-hooh, wah-a hooh, wah-a-hooh", try it (Ooh-wah-a-hooh, wah-a hooh, wah-a-hooh) Marvellous, let's get on with it then.... (Ooh-wah-a-hooh, wah-a hooh, wah-a-hooh) The Cockney tribes in Britain were meeting for the games Held annually, once a year, along the River Thames The scene was quiet and peaceful, the snow lay on the ground The Cockneys by their cooking pots were huddled all around (The chief was in his tepee his face all lined with wrinkles) (When up the river came the cry), "Someones pinched me winkles!" Me winkles have been pinched, oobie-doobie Me winkles have been pinched Now some people say it's a load of old nonsense But a winkle's got a lot of vitamin contents Never win that race tomorrow I'll be a big disgrace tomorrow I'll search the blinkin' place tomorrow But tomorrow is too late Some rotter's pinched me winkles off me plate I turned round and whooshhh, they was gone (Ooh-wah-a-hooh, wah-a hooh, wah-a-hooh) The tears of sheer frustration started trickling down his face, well He'd set his heart on winning in the gruelling barrow race (Without his final winkle feed his training scheme was shot) (He staggered round the camp ground shoutin'), "Someone's pinched the lot!" Me winkles have been pinched, oobie-doobie Me winkles have been pinched Beef or carrots or a dash of cucumber As far as I'm concerned that's a load of old lumber I'll never win the race tomorrow He's got me in disgrace tomorrow He'd better not show his face tomorrow He'll end up in a fight But me, I need them winkles here tonight. Now, I want 'em, now, not tomorrow or the next day (Ooh-wah-a-hooh, wah-a hooh, wah-a-hooh) They called the wise old medicine man who shuffled up and said "I'm levying a winkle tax, one winkle each per head" (They made a grand collection from every tucker pot) (Then stood around, the shells and all), "They made me eat the lot!") I've got me winkles back, oobie-doobie I've got me winkles back Now I know I've been grumpin' and grousin' But I never thought I'd get two or three thousand I'll never win that race tomorrow I can't go in that race tomorrow I couldn't stand the pace tomorrow I'm much to blinkin' fat I'll never face a winkle after that Phew! I think I'll go and try out something new You know, just to see how it feels I think I'll have a dash at some jellied eels Excuse me a minute while I just get this newspaper off this bit of jellied eel here Mmmmm - that's lovely Here, you with the winkle barrow, ("ALLO") As far as I'm concerned you can stick your perishin' winkles right back in the sea It's jellied eels for me Ya know, I think I can safely reveal now without fear of jeapardisation that I've managed to overcome my ......FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2013)


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