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SOMEONE TO LOVE (Kay Starr) Ted Fiorito (m) Gus Kahn (l) as rec by Kay Starr I've got the blues For someone to love, How I could use A someone to love! Oh how I miss The thrill of a kiss, The ring of a phone, Somebody's charms To hold in my arms, Whenever I'm lonesome. If I could find My somebody to love, I wouldn't mind Those clouds way up above. Tell me, am I just dreaming, Or can it be true My someone to love is you? I've got the blues, Where is my someone to love? Wish I could find A love to fit hand in glove! Tell me, am I just dreaming, Or can it really be true That the someone in my arms Turned out to be you? (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2010)


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