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SOMESAY (Rob Jones / Pete Wylie) Wah! Somesay they offer a choice... Somesay - to fall or be punished Somesay we must end up nowhere But they - their lives must be hushed! Tired of looking in mirrors, seeing things I'll never be... Angry with the figureheads who send us up blind alleys... Bug guns come blasting - I'll have to stay and fight... Big hooks are coming and the little fish they bite. Somesay: "these things aren't for long." Somesay - but history will tell. Somesay - what's happened is just the start. Somesay - less pain when we yell! Talk about the future, listen to the past Dance dance dance dance to the music of the last chance man He's died a dozen deaths - he'll die a dozen more Trouble from the start with a mind like yours Somesay: "The truth is in check." Somesay: "It's black or it's white." Somesay - the secret's to not turn back... Somesay - STAY! it's time for the fight! Fight the liars! Fight the liars! - Ain't it the truth!


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