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SOMETHING COOL Bill Barnes 1954 Julie London w Dick Reynolds & his Orch rec 1960 also- June Christy w Pete Rugolo & his Orch '60 Something cool, Something cool, Something cool, I'd like to order something cool! Something cool, (something cool) I'd like to order something cool; (something cool) It's so warm here in town, And the heat gets me down, Yes, I'd like something cool! (something cool) My! It's nice to simply sit and rest awhile; Now I know it's a shame, I can't think of your name, I remember your smile! I don't ordinarily drink with strangers, I most usually drink alone. You were so awfully nice to me, And I'm so terribly far from home. Like my dress? I must confess it's terribly old; But it's simple and neat, It's just right for the heat, Save my furs for the cold! A cigarette? Well I don't smoke them as a rule, but I'll have one, It might be fun With something cool! I'll bet you couldn't imagine That I one time had a house With so many rooms I couldn't count them all! I'll bet you couldn't imagine I had fifteen different beaus Who would beg and beg to take me to a ball. I'll bet you couldn't picture me The time I went to Paris in the Fall, And who would think the man I loved was quite so handsome, Quite so tall? Well it's true, (something cool) It's just a memory I have; (something cool) One I almost forgot 'Cause the weather's so hot! And I'm feeling so bad (something cool) About a date, Oh wait! I'm such a fool! He's just a guy Who's stopped to buy Me something cool! (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2009)


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