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SOMETHING NEW IN MY LIFE (Michel Legrand (m) / Alan Bergman (l) / Marilyn Bergman (l) 1984) Barbra Streisand 2011 Also sung by: Johnny Mathis Melissa Errico (Legrand Affair) Tony Moreno Sarah Geronimo Stephen Bishop Karylle Beverly Cosham Marieann Meringolo Theme song from the 1984 movie ‘Micki and Maude’ (Dudely Moore / Amy Irving) Part of the showpiece collection 'Legrand Affair' of Michel Legrand songs, 6 years in production. I guess I wanted something new in my life A new key to fit a new door To wake and see a different view in my life What I've been waiting for. Dreams like everyone I’ve had a few in my life Who knew that this one would come true in my life I knew the moment that you touched me You touched me. You're like a sudden breeze that blew in my life A new face, a new smile, a new song And now I know I wanted you in my life all along. (short bridge) You're like a chance I had to take in my life I found you I couldn't lose you And all the difference that you make in my life The feelings I never knew. I guess I must have saved an empty place in my heart For you to come and fill the space in my heart That long before I said, I love you I loved you. Whatever happens this is true in my life When all the springs have come and gone Whatever doors I may go through in my life Whatever else that I may do in my life. You'll always be the something new in my life From now on. I know there always will be you in my life From now on. (Transcribed by David Story - July 2013)


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