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SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT (Bobby Braddock) Tammy Wynette & George Jones - 1971 Melba Montgomery & Charlie Louvin - 1971 Barbara Mandrell & David Houston - 1972 Mary Kay Place & Willie Nelson - 1977 Brennen Leigh & Jesse Dayton - 2007 WILLIE NELSON: I got a real important job in a large office buildin' Ridin' people in an elevator I drive a '57 Chevrolet with a busted tail light Burnt out valves and a leaky radiator And I wear a twenty dollar suit that I bought from JC Penny's Back in nineteen-sixty-two But I've got somethin' to brag about Somethin' to brag about Somethin' to brag about in you MARY KAY PLACE: And I'm a short order cook in an all night cafe Down on 18th Avenue and 12th Street I wear a swingin' mini dress that I made for myself From mama's kitchen curtains and old bed sheets I got seventeen pages of top value stamps One old pair of shoes But I got somethin' to brag about Somethin' to brag about Somethin' to brag about in you MARY: Well, when you're with the fellas I know you start to braggin' 'Bout my hour glass figure and my big brown eyes WILLIE: And you tell your girlfriends 'bout my sweet, sweet lovin' And that's one figure that money can't buy BOTH: So let's get married in the not too distant future We'll rent a little flat on 29th Street You know we'll hang our washin' from a clothesline on the window We'll feast on cornbread butter beans and lunchmeat We don't have a thermostat, a big long Cadillac But we'll have a love that's true WILLIE: And I'll have somethin' to brag about MARY: Yeah, and I'll have somethin' to brag about BOTH:Somethin' to brag about in you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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