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SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE (Walter Merrick / Dinah Washington 1959) Dinah Washington with Orchestra Accompaniment recorded 1961 Somewhere along the line, You met this heart of mine; Wooed it and won it, Now you would shun it Over a glass of wine! Friends knew it all the time, That no wedding bells would chime. I was just a young dreamer, No match for a schemer, Yours was a lover's crime! Folks gossiped, they said it was too good to be true, They even bet you'd search for someone new! This pendent world of ours was paradise, And I was blind with stardust in my eyes! While you like gambler with his last dime, I know you will try it one more time, But I pray like Napoleon Bonaparte You'll meet your Waterloo, Somewhere along the line, Somewhere, yeah, along the line! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2018)


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