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SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE WITH YOU (Michael Carr) Recorded by: Billy Cotton & his Band, Chick Henderson, Joe Loss & his Band, Vera Lynn, Rio Trio, Tino Rossi. I meet a someone each day Who’s never sad, who’s always gay I know she’s acting a part You can see what goes on in her heart There are two eyes, such blue eyes, a-smiling at me Yet, they’re lonely as only a woman’s can be For I see all her thoughts are somewhere Somewhere in France with you As she’s talking, she’s talking of no one but you She’s so proud, oh so proud Of the things you will do I can see all her love is somewhere Somewhere in France with you And when your letters come They bring a smile, a tear Each one a sweet golden age Only one of a million who’ll never complain For she knows that the sunshine will follow the rain Every beat of that heart will always be Somewhere in France with you Somewhere in France with you


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