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SOMEWHERE IN YOUR HEART (Russell H. Faith / Clarence Way Kehner (m & l) ) As sung by Frank Sinatra 1968 [Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits] Somewhere in your heart, try to find a place for me Somewhere in your heart, I won't care where it might be One little corner, may not mean so much to you But one little corner, would be enough to see me through. Somewhere in your dreams, let my lips come close to you Though they're only dreams, someday they may all come true Is it so much to ask, for such a tiny part Won't you find a place for me, somewhere in your heart. Somewhere in your dreams [Chorus] Let my lips come close to you, [Sinatra and Chorus] Though they're only dreams [Chorus] Someday they may all come true [Sinatra and Chorus] Is it so much to ask, for such a tiny part Won't you find a place for me, somewhere in your heart. Notes: The song writing team of Faith and Kehner produced a number of hit songs. Faith was a composer, songwriter, author and guitarist from Pennsylvania USA. Kehner wrote musical scores and lyrics and hailed from New Jersey USA. They worked together for 15 years, beginning in the early 1950s. One instantly recognizable melody they wrote collectively was the Frankie Avalon's BOBBY SOX TO STOCKINGS 1959. Another might be the love song sung by Betty Clooney (one of the Clooney sisters), CHRISTMAS AND YOU. Frank Sinatra was one of iconic figures of the music industry during the 20th century. He was born in Hoboken, New Jersey USA and started his professional singing career there in 1939 with Harry James. He performed until he was 80 in 1995. He became indelibly linked to a Paul Anka song, MY WAY in 1969. (Anka was a Canadian from Ottawa, Province of Ontario, Canada.) Sinatra's achievements are legend, his story intriguing and his professional output, gigantic. (Transcribed by David Story July 2014)


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