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SO NEAR AND YET SO FAR From the film "You'll Never Get Rich" (1941) (Cole Porter) Fred Astaire (Film Soundtrack) - 1941 Ella Fitzgerald - 1972 Jane Scheckter - 1993 Mary Cleere Haran - 1994 Also recorded by: Oscar Peterson; André Previn; Bobby Short. I so often dream We might make a team But so wild a scheme I must banish For each time I start To open my heart You vanish We might find some isle Where lotuses smile And our time beguile Going native But how can we go Unless you are co- Operative My dear, I've a feeling you are So near and yet so far You appear like a radiant star First so near, then again so far I just start getting you keen On clinches galore with me When fate steps in on the scene And mops up the floor with me No wonder I'm a bit under par For you're so near and yet so far My condition is only so-so 'Cause whenever I feel you're close, oh You turn out to be, oh, so Far


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