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SONG OF THE ONE-LEGGED CHICKEN, THE (Tom T. Hall) Tom T. Hall - 1974 Do you like true stories, I do That's why I'm singin' this song A song about one-legged chicken Who lives in the straw on the floor in my barn I remember the day she was hatched out The vet came to see her and said "She has only one leg, she'll never grow up" He said, "That chick would be better off dead" I said, "No, let's just let her keep growin' We'll just wait and see how she gets" Before very long she was hoppin' And peckin' and chasin' the bugs with the rest And now she is a beautiful chicken Though she has only one leg When I go to see her each morning She hops from the nest and she leaves me an egg And she cackles Do you like true stories, I do That's why I've sung you this song The song about the one-legged chicken Who lives on the floor in my barn (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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