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SORRY TO SEE YOU GO (Connie Pearce / Arnold Miller) as recorded by June Christie with Orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo 1961 Midnight will sound And we'll all gather round The new little year of the day, But dear old year, before you go, Here's something you ought to know! Though your back is bent And your beard is grey, You're a year well spent And I'd like to say, You put on a first class show, And I'm sorry to see you go! You brought trouble, Taught me to handle it, Thanks for the lesson! You brought romance, Oh what a scandal it caused When it all fell through! You brought worry, Taught me to laugh at it, Now I'm confessin' That my whole approach is new! After a year like you, So we'll share a toast from the loving cup, Here's to you grown old and to me grown up! There's nothing left up your sleeve, But I'm sorry to see you leave! So retire into memory, You've earned a good rest. It's been great, And though I'll pretend to be Part of this midnight show, Just between old you and me, And that kid with his year to grow, I'm sorry, really sorry to see you go! Sorry to see you go, Sorry to see you go, Sorry to see you go, Sorry to see you go, Sorry to see you go... (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2018)


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