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SOUTH COAST (Lillian Bos Ross/Sam Eskin/Rich Dehr) The Kingston Trio Chorus: South Coast, the wild coast, is lonely. You may win at a game at Jolon, But the lion still rules the barranca, and a man there is always alone. My name is Juan Hano de Castro. My father was a Spanish grandee, But I won my wife in a card game, to Hell with the Lords o'er the sea. I picked up the ace. I had won her! My heart, which was down at my feet, Jumped up to my throat in a hurry--Like a warm summer's day, she was sweet. (Chorus) Her arms had to tighten around me as we rode up the hills from the south. Not a word did I hear from her that day, or a kiss from her pretty red mouth. We came to my cabin at twilight. The stars twinkled out on the coast. She soon loved the valley, the orchard--but I knew that she loved me the most. (Chorus) Then I got hurt in a landslide, with crushed hip and twice-broken bone. She saddled our pony like lightning, rode off in the night, all alone. The lion screamed in the barranca; the pony fell back on the slide. My young wife lay dead in the moonlight. My heart died that night with my bride. (Chorus) (Contributed by - August 2009)


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