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SPACESHIP (Glenn Sutton) Glenn Sutton - 1979 I was sittin' on the back porch at the end of the day I'd just finished milkin' and puttin' up some hay When I saw a flash of light come crashin' to the ground It looked like a giant chicken egg and had a high pitched whizzin' sound I ran out to where it landed, I was shakin' like a leaf What I saw there in the pasture was just beyond belief A solid silver spaceship painted red and blue and green Just like the ones on the covers of a science fiction magazine Then a little door swung open and a tiny little man Came slidin' down a ladder with a ray gun in his hand He picked up a little clod of dirt and placed it in a pouch Then turned and said "Eeeooo" to me and that's when I passed out Well, when I finally came to, it was just breakin' dawn My ol' dog was lickin' me in the face and the spaceship, it was gone I went to the house and called the Sheriff and the Highway Patrol And they came and listened patiently to the story that I told Then they asked a bunch of questions about the spaceship that I'd seen And they searched the entire area, but they didn't find a thing And the local doctor checked me and his nurse gave me a shot And the Sheriff grinned and asked me if I'd ever smoked any pot Well, that's when I knew they didn't believe a single word I'd said And they've confined me to a rest home now and strapped me to the bed 'Cause the doctors think I'm crazy and my folks think I had a dream But I don't give a damn what anybody says, I know I saw that thing! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2011)


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