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SPANISH NIGHTS (Roy Orbison / Joe Melson) Roy Orbison - 1975 Starlit Spanish nights Little village lights Are still on my mind In a small caf� We danced the night away Just lost in loving time When I left that day I heard you cry and say If you find someone new Who breaks your heart in two You know what to do Come back, I'll still be true To Spanish nights and you I can't forget the day This old boat steamed away Taking me to see A world not meant for me Now my search is through I'm coming home To Spanish nights and you Magic Spanish moons Sleepy afternoons Fill my memory Walking hand in hand By the sea and sand I know you'll wait for me Feeling all alone Now I'm almost home This time I know I'll stay The Lord has heard me pray I have heard Him say Love her all your days Dream your Spanish nights away I can see those harbour lights At last I'm holding you Under Spanish nights (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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