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SPARROWS CAN'T SING >From the film "Sparrows Can't Sing" (1963) (Lionel Bart) Barbara Windsor (Film Soundtrack) - 1963 Ain't it a shame sparrers can't sing Think of the joy sparrers might bring But all they can do is fly in the sky And fly, and fly, and fly Ain't it a shame kisses can't fly There'd be no more kisses goodbye But all I can do is lie here and sigh And cry, and cry, and cry The charms 'e had were well and truly hidden It ain't just what 'e did, it's what 'e didn't 'E didn't say, "Dear, you're divine" Nor did 'e say, "Darling, be mine" So why do I see in 'im everything Well, sparrers, poor sparrers, pretty sparrers can't sing (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2007)


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