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SPEAKING CONFIDENTIALLY (Fields / McHugh) Alice Faye - 1935 ^Speaking confidentially Have I ever told you you’re terrific? Great as the Pacific and I care for you Speaking confidentially When you’re near I’m higher than a hat is And the welcome on my mat is Always there for you Baby this is not the Flashman hour This is not a song the world should hear Why invite a hundred million more ears It’s just for your ears, my dear Speaking confidentially I can never tell you what you mean to me You’re everything from A to Zee And that is true, so I mean to say essentially That, speaking confidentially, I’m terribly in love with you^^ What a gay affair our love would be If we could share a little privacy But privacy is one thing we miss When I chance to meet you socially Or call around and see your family If I have a moment, I just mumble this (Rep from ^ to ^^)


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