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SPECIALIZATION from 1960 film "Let's Make Love" (Jimmy Van Heusen (m) Sammy Cahn (l) 1960) Marilyn Montroe & Frankie Vaughan (film soundtrack) [fv] If you peruse The people in the news, The people that the magazines refer to, [mm] You will find that they Are naturally soignee, The special ones that all of us defer to. [fv] They've each a trait That seems to state "first raters!" [mm] Which separates them From the small potaters! [fv] Maria Callas Is booked in Dallas, The carpets rolled out And they're sold out, Clear to the skies! [mm] Specialization, Specialization, [fv] They love your high notes if, [mm] If you specialize! [fv] When Elvis rotates, Each crit' notates, It may look funny, But the money's What it supplies! [mm] Specialization, Specialization, [fv] You'll meet the colonel if, [mm] If you specialize! [fv] Salome did it with [mm] Veils! [fv] Abe Lincoln did it with [mm] Rails! [fv] Toledo did it with [mm] Scales! [fv] The Chinese built that wall! [mm] Oooh, specialist all! [fv] Marc Clemence Gives the gals the tremence, This Casanovan sure has the rovin'est eye! [mm] Specialization, Specialization, [fv] You'll rule the barnyard if, [mm] If you specialize! The Pharoahs did it with [mm]Sphinx! [fv] And Darwin did it with [mm] Links! [fv] Some robbers did it with [mm] Brinks! [fv] Carnegie used a hall! [mm] Specialist all! [fv] Van Cliburn Caused us a high burn; While we were blushin', Some Russian Gave him a prize! [mm] Specialization, Specialization, [fv] They'll give you medals [mm] If, [fv] They'll love your high notes [mm] If, [fv] You'll meet the colonel, You'll rule the barnyard, [both] If you specialize! [mm] I specialize! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2018)


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