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SPIN A LITTLE WEB OF DREAMS >From the film "Fashions Of 1934" (Sammy Fain / Irving Kahal) Veree Teasdale (Film Soundtrack) -1934 Freddy Martin & His Orch. (vocal: Elmer Feldkamp) - 1934 Russ Morgan & His Orch. - 1934 Dan Ritchie & His Orch. - 1934 George Scott-Wood & His Orch. - 1934 Roy Fox & Café de Paris Orch. (vocal: Denny Dennis) - 1934 Ray Noble & His Orch. (vocal: The Three Ginx) - 1934 Harry Leader & His Band - 1934 When your melody of tomorrow seems to go astray Let your heart be free of the cares that come to you Sing your lonely song of the blues in happy-go-lucky rhyme In a while you'll find that it's all been blended, mended Play your broken melody Upon the strings of fantasy Forget about your rainbow schemes Spin a little web of dreams There's a rosy dawn on high That flames across a summer sky To capture all its golden beams Spin a little web of dreams You can weave your calicos into a feather gown Purple plumes and lace of golden brown to grace you Love will take you by the hand And lead you to its wonderland Forget about your rainbow schemes Spin a little web of dreams ******************** **Most of the recordings replaced the film's "feather gown" verse with the following: Trade your pillow for a willow silvered by the Moon Linger there and love will find you soon (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2013)


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