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STACK AND THE DEVIL Cephas and Williams There's a man you heard about, they call him Stagolee He killed a man named Billy Lion, down in New Orleans Young Stack he was a gambler who never learned to lose He shot Billy Lion down, meeting at the booze Guess, you know it very well, but here I'd like to tell The story of the pell-mell as he arrived the Hell The Devil's wife saw Stack a-coming, she grabbed her bloody thong Said: Here comes that bad man Stack, telling the world gone wrong All of the Devil's children went scrambling up the wall Said: Daddy, kill that bad man, before he kills us all The Devil all there said: Hello, how'd ya do, my friend I heard about you, welcome Stack, don't step on my tail end Now Stack spoke to the Devil: Come on, let's have some fun You stick me with your pitchfork, let me shoot you with my gun Hey Stagolee, you bad man, you can't take my life A million bullets won't kill the Devil or his wife The Devil's children cried again: Hey Daddy, kill that man Better put him on a-parboil as long as you can Well, come on, Mr. Devil, we're gonna have some fun Your kids might beat the drum, I'd play my fourty-one The Devil grabbed his pitchfork, he took it from the shelf Said: Stack, stand back, I am the boss, I rule the Hell myself Now the moral of this story is very plain to see You better shun the Devil, and men like Stagolee (Contributed by =Ae= - January 2009)


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