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STEP INSIDE LOVE / LOS PARANOIAS The Beatles Step inside love and stay, Step inside love. (3x) I want you to stay. You look tired, love, let me turn down the light. Come in out of the cold, rest your head on my shoulder and kiss me tonight. We are together now and forever, come my way. Step inside love and stay, step inside love, (3x) I want you to stay. Joe Prairies and the Prairie Wallflowers. Los Paranoias. Los Paranoias invites you to to just enjoy us. Come on you can do with baby, come on and join Los Paranoias. Just enjoy us. Los Paranoias, (2x) Come on and enjoy us. Harmony. Los Paranoias, come on and enjoy us. We're Los Paranoias. We're here to sing for you and whatever you want us to we will sing a little song for you.


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