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ST LOUIS GAL J Russell Robinson 1923 as rec by Bessie Smith Sep 24th 1923 New York also rec by- Marion Harris '23 Lucille Hegamin & her Dixie Daisies '23 The Original Indiana Five '23 The Original Memphis Five '24 '31 The Cotton Pickers '29 Worried in the night time, worried in the day, 'Cause another sweetie took my man away. Down in St Louis, there I lost my pride and joy, St Louis Woman stole the heart of my big boy, I'm cryin'! St Louis gal, just look what you done done, I said what you done done! St Louis gal, you gonna have some fun, I mean lots of fun! I'm always cryin' the blues, both night and day, Now that he's gone, but you will shake in your shoes, hear what I say! 'Cause some fine morn, Without any warnin', St Louis gal, I'm gonna handle you, I say manhandle you! You'll find yourself in a jam, As sure as anything what am! Down in Missouri, there'll come a time You life won't be worth a dime! You stole my pal, St Louis gal; I'm goin' a-huntin' do-do-de-do, You know just what I'm gonna shoo! You stole my pal, St Louis gal. (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2009)


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